Lists of Uber for X

Lists of Uber for X

What the heck is Uber for X?

Uber for X is the idea of using an Uber-like platform to connect consumers with services. Uber connects consumers with taxis. Using the same model you could potentially connect consumers with all sorts of services. Basically, Uber for X can be anything. Try replacing X with some other services. Let’s take laundry for example. When we replace X with laundry, it becomes Uber for laundry. Now, let’s try another service. I picked car repair service. Then, it becomes Uber for mechanics. You get the idea, right?

Uber for X
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So here’s a list of Uber for X that I found in Quora. All credit goes to Casey Kerr from his original answer.

Awesome Uber-for-X apps:
Sprig, Munchery, SpoonRocket, Push for Pizza: Uber for food.
Foxtrot, Minibar: Uber for alcohol.
Hotel Tonight: Uber for last minute hotels.
YPlan: Uber for last minute events.
Nimbl: Uber for cash delivery.
Homejoy, Handybook, Exec (acquired by Handybook): Uber for home cleaning.
Vatler, ZIRX: Uber for valet-ing your car.
Plowz and Mowz: Uber for lawn mowing.
Lyft: Uber with fist bumps and pink mustaches.
Postmates: Uber for courier services.
BloomThat, Proflowers, Floristnow: Uber for flowers.
SixDoors: Uber for flowers and gifts. Uber for ice cream.
Eaze, Canary, Meadow: Uber for marijuana delivery
Flywheel, MyTaxi, Hailo, Taxi Hawk : Uber for taxis.
Zeel, Unwind, Soothe: Uber for massages.
Tablelist, BottlesTonight: Uber for nightclubs (bottle service).
Instacart: Uber for grocery shopping.
FlyCleaners,, Cleanly: Uber for laundry.
Boxed: Uber for bulked goods (Costco).
KallDoc. A Doctor at Your Door at the Tap of an App.
Medicast, Doctor On Demand, Ringadoc, dVisit: Uber for doctors (in-home).
Grindr, Mister: Uber for gay “dates.”
Pure: Uber for heterosexual “dates.”
Swan, StyleBee: Uber for beauty services (hair, makeup).
Shyp: Uber for shipping.
iCracked: Uber for iPhone repair.
Cambly: Uber for language tutoring.
Dashlocker: Uber for dry cleaning.
Preo, Coaster: Uber for drinks at bars.
Swifto, Fettch, Urban Leash: Uber for Dog Walking.
Tennis Buddy: Uber for finding tennis partners.
Road Angels: Uber for roadside assistance.
Trucker Path: Uber for truck drivers.
Fitmob: Uber for group fitness
YourMechanic: Uber for mechanics.
HouseCall: Uber for home services professionals.
LoungeBuddy: Uber for hotel lounges.

Companies that didn’t make it:
Rewinery (shut down): Uber for wine delivery.
Cherry (shut down): Uber for car washes.
BlackJet (shut down temporarily): Uber for private jets.
Tutorspree (shut down): Uber for tutoring.
Washly: Uber for car washes.

Uber-for-X (website or in beta, no app):
Seven Sitters: Uber for babysitting., LawTrades : Uber for lawyers
GladlyDo: Uber for chores.
Spyke: Uber for motorcycles.
StudyHall: Uber for tutors.
Handii: Uber for handyman.
GotIt!: Uber for homework.
Flinja: Uber for work.
Geekatoo: Uber for Tech Support.
Cohealo: Uber for medical devices. Uber for snow plows.
RidePal: Uber for commuting.
Bandwagon, Corral: Uber for airport rides.


Original answer by Casey Kerr on Quora
Uber for X definitions from Quora

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